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Mr. Phelps Music


Mr. Phelps is a Wisco-based Producer, with an extensive client list of musicians and performance artists covering a number of genres and sound styles. Mr. Phelps has lots of experience in the music industry, complemented with a deep understanding of cutting edge technology and the latest production processes.

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Past Work

The Vicious Cycle Album

After taking a short break from music, Mr. Phelps returned to the music scene fiercer and more committed than ever. This project reflects a new turn in his career as a progressive Hip Hop Producer and lyricist. With The Vicious Cycle album, Mr. Phelps Music has created some of his most compelling work to date. Listen and enjoy the original sound it has to offer.

Sync Placements

When mind and music come together, Mr. Phelps has lots of masterful sync projects that have aired on ads, TV shows, and short films. He has a knack for combining universal lyrics with a personal touch for anyone to relate to.

Disrespectful EP

This project has become a favorite among fans, as it has many catchy lyrics paired with amazing instrumentals. Mr. Phelps worked incredibly hard mixing and producing all the accompanying arrangements, and is proud to be able to present fans with this final product. Have a listen and discover the magic of music produced by Mr. Phelps.

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